Welcome to the website for visionPDX!

This site provides information on visionPDX, an unprecedented, community-wide effort to create a people’s vision for the future of Portland. visionPDX involved over 17,000 Portlanders over two years (2005-2007), making it one of the largest visioning efforts in North America.

This site provides full access to the people’s vision for Portland, as well as a detailed report summarizing the written feedback that was received from the thousands of people who shared their concerns, hopes, and goals for the future. In addition, the Engagement Reportshares the creative and effective strategies that enabled visionPDX to involve the most diverse population to date in city planning efforts.

Please note that the the website for Vision into Action (VIA) has moved!

For current information on community-based efforts to implement Portland’s vision, please visit: www.visionintoaction.org.


Shaped by the Willamette and Columbia rivers, Portland connects people and nature to create an international model of equity and sustainability.

We are a city of communities. Our distinct neighborhoods and vibrant downtown are safe, energizing civic and cultural spaces.

Our diverse population, innovative businesses and forward-thinking leaders work together to ensure livability for all.