Vision into Action (VIA) Coalition

Vision into Action (VIA) is a community-based group formed to carry forward the work of visionPDX, an unprecedented effort that involved over 17,000 Portlanders in creating a vision for the city’s future.Click here to view our Coalition partners and friends.

The VIA Coalition began its work in March 2008, led by a Steering Committee made up of community members from diverse backgrounds and supported by City bureau representatives.

Portland’s Vision for 2030:

Shaped by the Willamette and Columbia rivers, Portland connects people and nature to create an international model of equity and sustainability.
We are a city of communities. Our distinct neighborhoods and vibrant downtown are safe, energizing civic and cultural spaces.
Our diverse population, innovative businesses and forward-thinking leaders work together to ensure livability for all.

Our Objectives:

Vision into Action is currently pursuing the following three objectives:

  1. Facilitating the engagement of communities and populations whose voices are under-represented in public decision-making and planning processes;
  2. Helping organizations, businesses, neighborhoods, and governments to align their efforts with the community vision for 2030; and
  3. Advocating for projects and policies that align with the vision for 2030 articulated by 17,000 Portland-area residents who participated in visionPDX.

Get Involved!
Vision into Action, in partnership with the Center for Intercultural Organizing recently submitted an alternative Rose Quarter concept plan to the City and the Portland Development Commission. Learn how you can help us bring community back to the coliseum and insure equity and inclusion in this development project!
To learn more or get involved in this effort, contact Chris Nestlerode at chris@barrysmith.com.


You can also visit our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=735560367&ref=profile#/event.php?eid=239994848493 for additional project details, as well as information on how to attend the January 26th presentation to decision-makers on the Rose Quarter development project.

Our presentation on Blip TV can be viewed at this Link: