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1. Equipped with imported gas driven gas automatic booster pump, the output pressure can be easily adjustable and controllable.
2. It is advanced in technology and reasonable in structure design. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, beautiful appearance and beautiful appearance.
3, all pressure parts are made of standard parts of internationally famous brands, without any welding connection, convenient disassembly, high safety coefficient, long life and easy maintenance.
If the operator wants to leave the location temporarily, it is necessary to turn off the motor switch and leave, so as not to damage the machine by improper manipulation. In the test, we should pay attention to all the valves in the system. And its instrument will directly show the size of the whole leakage rate, and the advantage is that the beat of the whole measurement is especially short. After balance, pressure, measurement and exhaust, will display the leakage rate of the size of the instrument, the leakage results meet the requirements of the times, the workpiece will automatically exhaust and clamp the workpiece, it will automatically be sent to the next procedure, but you need to manually remove this. Type of sealing on testingtable for petroleum engineering pipes, BOP, valves, wellhead, manifold, downhole tools and aviation, scientific research institutions and various industries such as air tightness detection of all kinds of pressure vessels. Please avoid overload use to avoid damage to the machine and reduce the service life.
气密性测试设备是很多产品在制造过程中都必须要测试的项目,气密性检测设备运用于各个行业, 它的主要目的是测试产品是否出现漏气现象。,,气密性装置存在于各个行业之中,不同的行业气密性强度会有所不一样,下面海轮电子科技简单来介绍一下哪些行业产品需要运用到气密性测试设备。
Airtightness test equipment is a must test item for many products in the manufacturing process. The air tightness testing equipment is applied to various industries, and its main purpose is to test whether the product is leaking. ,, air tightness device exists in various industries, the industry strength of different air tightness will be different, the sea of Electronic Science and technology to introduce the simple which industry products need to be applied to air tightness testing equipment.
For now, vacuum leak testing machine can also be seamlessly integrated into a customized system and advanced vacuum leak detection technology. In this sense, it can make our vacuum leak testing machine directly stand out from competition. When the pressure - lubricated compressor refrigeration system is self - evacuated, the contact point of the oil pressure relay should be temporarily forced to be connected.
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