Original visionPDX Committee

The original visionPDX committee was a group of volunteers appointed by City Council to facilitate the creation of a 20-year vision for Portland's future. Members served as vision ambassadors to the community at-large and also set the direction and overall tone of the project.

Members as of 6/20/07 Included:

Shahriar Ahmed. Shahriar is a Senior Device Engineer at Intel. He has taught at the Oregon Graduate Institute and is active in the Bilal Mosque Association.

Felicia Allender-Brant. Felicia is the Executive Director of Sabin Community Development Corporation. She has extensive experience in teaching, television production, and non-profit management.

Pippa Arend. Pippa is the Program Director at p:ear. She has owned and operated a small custom metal work and furniture business.

Ted Austin. Ted is Vice President and Managing Director of the US Bank Private Client Group.

Don Baack. Don is a retired civil engineer with experience working in economic development issues, both at the domestic and international level. He is an active volunteer for Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc., and other housing and faith organizations.

Monica Beemer. Monica is the Executive Director of Sisters of the Road Café. She has experience working for the public and non-profit sectors on social services.

Brenna Bell. Brenna is an environmental lawyer currently working as a volunteer organizer for Tryon Life Community Farm. She is passionate about the environment, sustainability, and social justice issues.

Sharon Bernstein. Sharon is a sociologist by training and has worked in the non-profit sector and in educational settings for her entire career.

Rex Burkholder. Rex represents Region 5 at the Metro Council. He is long-term community activist in transportation and livability issues.

Tom Campbell-Schmitt. Tom is the co-pastor of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church. He has also been a pastor in churches in Gresham and Bend.

Charla Chamberlain. Charla is a founding board member and coordinators’ council member of the City Repair Project.

Nickole Cheron.  Nickole is the Disability Program Coordinator for the City of Portland.  She is an active community volunteer and is a board member for the Portland Coalition for Genocide Awareness and Aging and Disabilities Charities of America.

Mara Cogswell. Mara is a dance instructor at the Laurelhurst Studio. She has worked for a radio station, directed a media-related charity, and organized a political campaign. She is also a co-founder of the Girls’ Night Out initiative.

Michael Crebs. Michael oversees Portland Police Bureau’s East Precinct. He has over 24 years of experience in law enforcement in Oregon and Utah.

Karanja Crews. Karanja is a fifth grade teacher in the Beaverton School District . He has served on several boards and committees of educational organizations and is interested in diversity and youth issues.

Eleza Faison. Eleza owns and operates two coffee shops in North/Northeast Portland. She also chairs the Piedmont Neighborhood Association. Her past experience includes minority student recruitment at the college level and being an executive for a Fortune 500 company.

Pietro Ferrari. Pietro is the Executive Director of Hacienda Community Development Corporation. He has a background in planning and management and has worked for several housing and financing organizations.

X-tian Gunther.  X-tian owns and operates X Management, a marketing and public relations company. He is also a partner in a local artist management company.

Daniel Isaak. Daniel has been the spiritual leader of Congregation Neveh Shalom since 1993. Throughout his career he has been involved in numerous Jewish, ecumenical and secular organizations.

Marvin Kaiser (Co-chair, visionPDX Committee). Marvin is the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Portland State University.

David Knapp. David is the Senior Pastor at St. Luke Lutheran Church. He is a member of the Oregon Faith Roundtable Against Hunger and has volunteered for numerous human dignity initiatives in the Portland area.

Sandra Kremers. Sandra is the co-owner of the Twin Paradox Coffeehouse in Southeast Portland. She has worked for local government agencies, and in the marketing, public relations and advertising fields, both domestically and abroad.

Jensine Larsen. Jensine is the Editor and Publisher of World Pulse Magazine. She has been a social entrepreneur, non-profit director, volunteer and healer.

Sheila Martin (Co-chair, visionPDX Commitee). Sheila is the Director of the Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies at Portland State University. She is an economist with experience in research, policy development and advocacy. Her previous job was in the office of the governor of Washington.

Carole Morse. Carole is the President of PGE Foundation and Manager of Community Investments for Portland General Electric. She has worked in the non-profit sector, in public relations, and for the Governor’s Office.

Thomas Ngo. Thomas is a student at University of Portland , where he works for The Beacon, the student newspaper. He has had internships in government and business organizations.

Jenna Padbury. Jenna is the Assistant Director of the St. Francis Dining Hall.  She has worked for several faith-based volunteer organizations across the country. She has been active in her local Caring Community and SUN School organizations.

Bina Patel. Bina Patel is a consultant on strengthening asset building policies for low-income families. She is serving as Director of the Oregon Asset Policy Initiative at the Cascade Policy Institute. She also has academic and international experience on economic development, social finance, and poverty alleviation.

Meryl Redisch. Meryl is the Executive Director of the Audubon Society of Portland. Her career has focused on the intersection of people and their natural environment. She has served on numerous boards and committees and volunteers as a Big Sister.

Jim Reynolds. Jim is a Portland resident, a parent of children in the Portland Public Schools system, and the Director of Global Strategic Planning for Nike.

Alan Sanchez.  Alan lives & breathes Portland, even when traveling the world with his amazing wife, Beth Anne, and super son, Oskar Teofilo. He is an entrepreneur with a special affinity for all aspects of real estate.

Peter Schoonmaker. Peter is the President of Illahee, a non-profit organization that produces a lecture series each winter. He also teaches at Linfield College and Portland State University.

Judy Bluehorse Skelton. Judy works in the Indian Education Office at Portland Public Schools. She is an educator, writer and herbalist. She has served on a number of boards and committees related to Native American issues.

Zeke Smith. Zeke works for the Portland Schools Foundation. He has experience working for youth and workforce development organizations along the West Coast on issues of civic engagement, service learning, employability, and educational attainment.

Pedro Sosa. Pedro is the Project Voice Coordinator for the Pacific NW Region for the American Friends Service Committee. He has experience working for human rights organizations in Oregon and abroad. 

Keith Thomajan. Keith is the Executive Director of Camp Fire USA , Portland Metro Council. He has experience as a teacher and manager of several environmental education programs and volunteers for several local non-profits.

Christine White.  Christine is the Manager of Community Outreach for the Port of Portland. She has a background in the publishing industry and also serves on the Citizen Involvement Advisory Committee for the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development

Gill Williams. Gill is a Client Manager and Landscape Architect at David Evans and Associates, Inc. He has experience as a volunteer in professional associations and planning processes. 

Rhone Williams. Rhone is a pastor at the Mallory Church of Christ. He is also a retired parole and probation officer.

Joe Wykowski. Joe is the Executive Director of Community Vision, Inc., an organization that supports persons with development disabilities. He has broad experience as a consultant and program specialist, having conducted presentations around the country.