visionPDX Acknowledgements and Volunteers

Portland City Council
Mayor Tom Potter,
Sam Adams
Randy Leonard
Dan Saltzman
Erik Sten

visionPDX Committee
Full Project
Marvin Kaiser, Co-Chair
Sheila Martin, Co-Chair
Shahriar Ahmed
Falicia Allender-Brant
Pippa Arend
Ted Austin
Don Baack
Monica Beemer
Brenna Bell
Sharon Bernstein
Rex Burkholder
Tom Campbell-Schmitt
Charla Chamberlain
Nickole Cheron
Mara Cogswell
Mike Crebs
Pietro Ferrari
X-tian Gunther
David Knapp
Sandra Kremers
Jensine Larson
Carole Morse
Thomas Ngo
Jenna Padbury
Bina Patel
Meryl Redisch
Jim Reynolds
Peter Schoonmaker
Judy Bluehorse Skelton
Zeke Smith
Pedro Sosa
Keith Thomajan
Christine White
Rhone Williams
Gill Williams
Joe Wykowski

Time Limited
Karanja Crews
Eleza Faison
Lise Glancy
Samira Godil
Vanessa Gaston
Alice Gustafson
Lane Hickey
Paul Hill
Suenn Ho
Daniel Isaak
Mark Kemball
Adas Lis
Justin Myers
Kate Mytron
Rêmi Irène Ogouma
Georgia Ortiz
Greg Pearlman
Molly Raphael
Teresa Ríos
Alan Sanchez
Nancy Weed

Executive Committee
Marvin Kaiser, Co-Chair
Sheila Martin, Co-Chair
Sharon Bernstein
Eleza Faison*
Paul Hill*
Mark Kemball*
Carole Morse
Justin Meyers*
Bina Patel*
Jim Reynolds*
Zeke Smith
Keith Thomajan

* Limited time of service

Portland Bureau of Planning
Gil Kelley, Planning Director
Steve Dotterrer, Principal Planner

visionPDX Project Staff

Project Leadership
Marie Johnson
Planning Phase, 1/2005 - 9/2005
Liesl Wendt
Engagement Phase, 10/2005 - 1/2007
Sonali S. Balajee and Juan Carlos Ocaña
Analysis and Drafting Phase, 1/2007 - 7/2007
Stephanie D. Stephens
Wrap-Up and Action Phase, 7/2007 - present

Key Staff
Sonali S. Balajee
Bronwyn Buckle
Mauricio Leclerc (Year 1)
Juan Carlos Ocaña
Amanda Rhoads

Staff On Loan During 2006
Engagement Phase
Matt Emlen, Office of Sustainable Development
Bob MacKay, Auditor’s Office
Scott Stewart, Auditor’s Office

Support Staff
Jared Anderson (12/2005 - 6/2007)
Cassie Cohen (7/2007 - present)

Community Service Aides
Nicole Lewis (2005)
San Nguyen (2005)
Dan Pauly (2007)
Jonathon Pierce (2006)

visionPDX 2006 Summer Interns
Patrick Christopher
Benna Gottfried
Dawson Marchant
Milton Ortega
Jenifer Sexton

Graphic Designer
Christine Rains

Professional Assistance
Dan Sherwood Photography
Davis, Hibbitts, & Midghall, Inc.
Decisions Decisions, Joe Hertzberg
Miles Hochstein
Travis Huntington
keen creative, Anna Magruder
Merrill Interactive, Nathanael Merrill
MIG, Inc., Daniel Iacofano
Elizabeth H. Moreno
Portland Community Media
PSU Survey Research Lab, Debi Elliott
Staccato Design
Steven Ames Consulting, Steven C. Ames
Technical Assistance for Community Services, Cliff Jones

Galina Grigoryan
Fayez I Hjouj
Linh Hoang
Mauricio Leclerc
Elena Minkova
Thang C. Ngo
Juan Carlos Ocaña
Omar Vargas
Justine Yi-Chun
International Language Bank, IRCO
Korean American Citizens League
Center for Intercultural Organizing
Hacienda Community Development

Data Analysis Work Group (DAWG) Committee
Shahriar Ahmed
Jared Anderson
Sonali Balajee
Monica Beemer
Brenna Bell
Sharon Bernstein
Cindy Bethell
Bronwyn Buckle
Laurel Butman
Penelope Byrd
Karen Cacy
Tom Campbell-Schmidt
Mara Cogswell
Cassie Cohen
Anika Curry
X-tian Gunther
Emily Hicks
Reilly Hirst
Daniel Isaak
Marvin Kaiser
Jack MacNichol
Sheila Martin
Elizabeth Moreno
Juan Carlos Ocaña
Gail Overstreet
Meryl Redisch
Amanda Rhoads
Brenda Ray Scott
Rick Seifert
Sally Shepard
Kathleen Wadden
Fran Weick
Liesl Wendt
Rhone Williams
Karen Wolfgang

Drafting Committee
Brenna Bell
Judy Bluehorse-Skelton
Karen Cacy
Steve Dotterrer
X-tian Gunther
Marvin Kaiser
Sheila Martin
Elizabeth H. Moreno
Michael Rohd
Jenna Padbury
Bina Patel
Karen Wolfgang

visionPDX Grant Recipients
African American Health Coalition
Alliance of Portland Neighborhood Business Associations
Arc of Multnomah-Clackamas
Asian Reporter Foundation
BroadArts Theatre, Inc.
Center for Intercultural Organizing / Bridgetown Voices
Center Neighborhood Association
City Repair Project
Elders in Action
Film Action Oregon and Public Media Works
Hacienda Community Development Corporation
Hands on Portland
Human Solutions
Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization
Korean American Citizens League
Native American Youth and Family Center
Neighbors West-Northwest Review Board, Inc.
Oregon Action
Oregon Chapter of the American Society of Landscape
Oregon Food Bank
Portland Public Schools
Q Center/LGBTQ Community Center Fund
Recovery Association Project
Sabin Community Development Corporation
Sisters of the Road
Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc.
VOZ Worker’s Rights Education Project
Well Arts Institute

Additional Community Assistance

These groups, their members and/or staff provided guidance to visionPDX on engagement barriers and opportunities for partnership.

Albina Ministerial Alliance
Black United Fund of Oregon
Cascade AIDS Project
Central Northeast Neighbors
City of Gresham
Coalition for a Livable Future
Community Development Network
David Douglas School District
Disability Engagement Forum
East Portland Neighborhood Office
Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon
Enterprise Foundation
Friends of Portland Community Gardens
Girls Inc.
HIV Day Center
Latino Network
Metropolitan Alliance for a Common Good
Multnomah Youth Commission
Neighbors West/Northwest
Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods
New Avenues for Youth
North Portland Neighborhood Office
Oregon Business Council
Oregon Council for Hispanic Advancement
Outside In
Parkrose School District
Portland Development Commission
Portland Peak Oil Commission
Portland State University, Masters in Urban & Regional
Planning Students
ROSE Community Development Corporation
Self Enhancement, Inc.
Sexual Minority Youth Resource Center
Slavic Coalition
Southeast Uplift
Southwest Hills Residential League
Southwest Neighborhood Inc.
Sustainable Development Commission

visionPDX Partners

A visionPDX partner denotes an organization that has made a significant donation, in-kind or otherwise, to visionPDX.

Ashforth Pacific: Ashforth Pacific donated office space to visionPDX for over a year. Based in Portland, Oregon, Ashforth Pacific, Inc. is an investor and developer of commercial office real estate and provides integrated property management and construction services.

Comcast: Comcast showed the visionPDX Public Service Announcement on one of its stations in May, 2007 over 300 times.

PIVOT (Partners in Vocational Opportunity Training) Job Corps: PIVOT students helped visionPDX with data entry on thousands of questionnaires. In return, students met with the Mayor, spoke to City Council, and attended the annual State of the City address in 2007. Support from Cindy Sorum, Employability Specialist; Carolyn Schoenemann, Academic Instructor; and 27 student volunteers.

Portland Community Media: PCM worked with visionPDX to create a documentary of this once-in-a-generation process. They’ve dedicated countless hours to capturing the work of our grantees and volunteers. They’ve also produced several shorter videos for our use which are also available on our website.

Sojourn Theatre: Sojourn and visionPDX teamed up for a year-long partnership which culminated in the development of One Day, a performance about eight characters in a day full of choices in our community. The collaboration, led by Artistic Director Michael Rohd, used research and data gathered by visionPDX and first-person interviews by Sojourn to create this innovative performance piece. The show was performed 12 times around the city in September and October 2006.

Steps to Success: Steps to Success participants provided data entry support to visionPDX for hundreds of surveys.

Technical Assistance for Community Services: TACS partnered with visionPDX in the planning of the visionPDX grants program. TACS offered workshops on filling out the budget portion of the grant application and made technical assistance available to grant applicants.

Visioning Capstone Class

Students in Professor Chet Orloff’s Portland State University Visioning Capstone Class contributed to the visionPDX outreach efforts and critiqued our process during the following quarters:

Summer 2005
Fall 2005
Summer 2006
Spring 2007
Summer 2007
Portland State University,

Survey Research Lab
Debi Elliot, Project Team Lead
Chet Orloff, Project Consultant
Amber Johnson, Project Manager
Alisa Glembotski, Project Manager
Dave Apple, Data Coordinator
Tiffany Conklin, Report Coordinator
Tara Horn, Report Coordinator
Vicky Mazzone, Office Specialist
Reid Baldwin, Data Coder
Danielle Clegg, Data Coder
Zack Hathaway, Data Coder
Eric Larson, Data Coder
Mauri Matsuda, Data Coder
Cameron Mulder, Data Coder
Eva Rippeteau, Data Coder
Jessica Robb, Data Coder
Rachel Rustad, Data Coder

Community Volunteers
Gregg Abbott
Mark Anderson
Ruth Anderson
Grace Bailey
Margot Barnett
Emily Barta
Annie Bergelin
Ana Berry
Cindy Bethell
Sylvia Bogert
Don Bogh
Tyler Booth
Jack Boudreau
Gary Braasch
Jonathan Brandt
Nicole Breedlove
Esther Brown
Sherry Bubach
Jessica Bucciarelli
Laurel Butman
Tony Chapin
Erica Christensen
Kathleen Cochron
Kelly Coller
Isaac Cook
Michaela Corey
Robyn Cornwell
Melissa Crosnan
Rob Crouch
Sara Culp
Thomas DeCuir
Jeff Deiss
Bill Deiz
Lisa Dessen-Ocaña
Jessica Espinoza
AnneMarie Fischer
Sarah FitzGerald
Emily Folz
Jeremy French
Gil Frey
Josh Romo Gandy
Benjamin Garvey
Emily Gottfried
Moira Green
Robert Hamilton
John Harrington
Laurie Harris
Regina Hauser
Janet Hawkins
Bob Hillier
Housing Authority of Portland, Patsy Nedrow
Mike Jeletic
Erik Jensen, City of Hillsboro
Steve Johnson
Joanne Kahn
Albert Kaufman
Kevin Kecskes, PSU Center for Academic Excellence
Larry Kirkhart
Feroshia Knight
Cindy Koser
Kevin Kraus
Angela Kyle
Clem Laufenberg
Vicki Lind
Lynn Lindgren-Schrueder
Sia Lindstrom, Vision Action Network
Jean Longwill
Carol Lucas
Don MacGillivray
Gary Marschke
Leslie Martinsen
Tim McCoy
Jessica Metta
Jim Newcomer
Sarah Newlands
Kim Oanh Nguyen
John Noel
Stephen Oringdulph
Chet Orloff
Melinda Pittman
Alicia Polacok
Julie Poust
Aaron Ray
Erica Rice
Shelly Ridder
Kenn Roberts
Pamela Rooney
Yvonne Rosen
Randi Rosenfeld
Anne Rothert
Meg Rowe
Sharon Rugg
Monica Russell
Goldann Salazar
Francesca Sanders
Nancy Seton
Josh Shamoon
Sally Shepard
Sara Siestreem
Kate Sokoloff, Live Wire Radio
Roger Snyder
Jean Staehli
Tereasa Staley
Nancy Stites
Doug Strickler
Virginia Stromer
Noelle Studer
Rachel Studer
Sharon Szolnoki
Yumiko Tahara
Jody Tate
Neil TC
Robin Teater
Susan Tingley
Kim Travis
Paul van Orden
Andrew Walker
Stephanie Wilmoth
Pablo Zavalla
Molly Zigler
Zuzka Zilkova

...and many more! We apologize if we have inadvertently left you off the list.

Also, thanks to our 29 community grant organizations who worked with countless volunteers who donated over 11,500 hours of time to help visionPDX reach as many community members as possible. We deeply appreciate their commitment to authentic civic engagement.