visionPDX Resolution

Below are links to the resolution presented to Portland City Council on September 19, along with the associated attachments.

Resolution Text

Five Initiatives

The Resolution describes five initiatives under consideration by Mayor Tom Potter's office.  Each of the initiatives corresponds to one of the five elements of the city described in the vision document.

BUILT PORTLAND: Explore the creation of a district energy system, a system which uses heat exchanged from an underground network of water pipes to heat or cool buildings in a given neighborhood;

LEARNING PORTLAND: Create new City guidelines to allow City of Portland employees to volunteer in the community for up to four hours of paid leave per month to bolster the City of Portland's involvement in the community with a focus on youth oriented programs;

ECONOMIC PORTLAND: Establish a pilot project to provide one-on-one technical assistance to small businesses;

SOCIAL PORTLAND: Develop a Community Gathering Center in partnership with community organizations that will provide a home to community-based organizations working with underrepresented populations and will create community space for individuals and groups to gather and organize;

ENVIRONMENTAL PORTLAND: Explore making unimproved greenspaces available for community-sponsored improvement and maintenance efforts and authorize Portland Parks and Recreation to provide design and technical assistance.

Other Action Items


The Bureau of Planning will use the work of visionPDX to form the foundation of many long-term planning efforts getting underway. Go the the Portland Plan web site to read more.


The City of Portland created a Vision into Action Coalition to act as keeper of the vision and charged them with oversight and communication regarding the status of vision implementation. The coalition is staffed at the Bureau of Planning.


visionPDX asked the City of Portland to pledge funding for a round of community action grants to promote community organizations' and local agencies' ability to partner with the City to take action on the vision.