Dear Fellow Portlanders,

Welcome. We are pleased that thousands of you have taken up the invitation to participate with us in creating visionPDX. Through this process we have been privileged to hear the wishes, the challenges, the wisdom and the excitement of what it means to be a Portlander Ė in what we desire and believe Portland can be in the next quarter century.

Many of us believe that our natural environment and our unique history have produced a quality of life that is second to none. The current generations have been given many gifts, including the beauty of our setting, a vibrant central city and thriving neighborhoods, a creative and entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to the common good. These gifts bestow on us an even greater responsibility to be stewards for the generations to come. Knowing that our population will grow and become more diverse and that energy availability and climate change will challenge us, we come together, not only to maintain, but to improve our quality of life and to build on the gifts given us.

We thank all of you who have given your time, your insights and your love of this place we call our home to create a shared vision for our future. We were joined in this effort by an amazing group of volunteers, community organizations, and a talented staff. The 50+ member volunteer committee defined the visioning process, developed the key questions, and reached out to all corners of our community. We then read every word that was written in surveys or spoken during interviews and shaped those ideas into the vision described in this booklet.

This process was not simple. We struggled with the realities of the trends facing our city. How do we realize our dreams while adjusting to the changes facing our city and the world? We also debated the inevitable conflict we found in the responses. In the end, we decided to highlight those challenges for further discussion, rather than neglect them (see page 38).

While as a community we donít agree on everything, we do have a great deal in common. The core values described on pages 9-12 were found in responses from people of all backgrounds, income levels, and occupations. These values Ė as well as the investments and accomplishments of our predecessors Ė provide a solid foundation for defining and creating the future we want for ourselves and those generations that will follow us.

We welcome and ask all Portlanders to join us in turning our shared vision into a reality. A group of leaders from a variety of government, businesses and community organizations have signed on to craft policies, plans and programs that will get us there. Please join us in this next and most vital stage of our journey for our city, our home.


Marvin Kaiser and Sheila Martin
visionPDX Committee Co-Chairs
September, 2007




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