Six Trends That Will Shape Portland's Future

We know that our community will be changing in the coming years, and those changes will impact our ability to create the community we want. Learn more here about some of our most pressing trends and how they might shape the future of our community.

Population Growth: In the next 30 years, our metropolitan area of about 2.1 million is expected to exceed 3 million residents. How will we plan for the addition of nearly 1 million more people?

Aging Population: As we consider the kind of city we want in the future, we must also consider the fact that we will be a city whose residents are older. How can we best utilize the knowledge of our elders while also providing for their unique needs?

Growing Diversity: The Portland-Vancouver metropolitan region has recently experienced a dramatic increase in the minority population. From 1990 to 2000, the overall minority population increased 119%. As we continue to diversify, how will we create an inclusive environment for both long-term residents and new arrivals?

Changing Economy: 850,000 new jobs are expected in the region. To adapt to job growth, to shifts in the regional economyís focus and to changes in the types of jobs available, Portland must have a flexible, well-educated and growing workforce. Will city residents have the training and education needed for the new jobs and the shifts in the regionís economy?

Peak Oil: The term ďpeak oilĒ refers to the concept that oil and natural gas are limited resources and that we will inevitably pass the peak of oil and natural gas production in the world. Without careful preparation, the resulting steep price increases could be extremely disruptive. How might individuals and businesses retool our city around new realities?

Global Warming: In the coming decades, the scientific consensus expects substantial changes not only in temperature but in rainfall patterns, water supply, snow levels, forest health, local air quality, and sea level. These changes are not in the distant future but are in evidence already. How can we best prepare for these changes? How can we address the causes?





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