Descriptions of Life in Portlandís Future
We used the communityís values and vision to develop a picture of how various elements of our city could look in 2030. Each element includes: a description of topics covered in that section, main ideas emerging from the communityís values, a story about what Portland might look and feel like in 2030 and some directive statements on how the main ideas could be more specifically applied. The quotes are drawn from community responses to the visionPDX questionnaire.

Built Portland
Built Portland covers the physical and structural parts of our city, such as buildings, houses, parks, open spaces, transportation and roads. Built Portland considers what we want our communities to look and feel like, how we get around and what role our downtown serves in the region.

Economic Portland
Economic Portland covers issues of opportunity, prosperity and livability related to our economy and the availability of meaningful work.

Environmental Portland
Environmental Portland includes both the natural areas within and around Portland, as well as our commitment to sustainability and environmental preservation. Environmental Portland addresses areas including transportation, our rivers, our parks system and our lifestyles.

Learning Portland
Learning Portland considers not only schools, but also practicing an ethic of lifelong education. Learning Portland recognizes that education happens on both the individual and community levels and that it is strongly linked to economic prosperity.

Social Portland
Social Portland considers individual and community health and well-being and how we relate to one another. It covers the civic life of Portland from processes for engaging communities in public decision making to partnerships in public safety.





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