In our process, visionPDX primarily sought to discover and establish Portlanders’ values. Through the analysis of the community input, we focused on what was driving people’s ideas. We took time to identify what Portlanders hold in common, even when they sometimes disagreed over particular solutions.

As such, the rich data collected through visionPDX can be used as a baseline for policy makers, bureau directors, businesses, community organizations and individuals to help prioritize actions that are aligned with Portlanders’ values and that are widely and deeply felt by the community as a whole.

The visionPDX process first asked Portlanders what they value most about their community, then what changes they would like to see today. After identifying immediate challenges facing the city, we asked people’s greater vision for Portland in 20 years. Finally, we asked, “How can we get there?” By taking community members through this simple exercise, we gained an understanding of where Portlanders agree and where there are tensions in public opinion.

In our analysis of the data, we found that some assumptions about Portlanders’ beliefs were confirmed. We also discovered that the public is thinking about a range of pressing issues, many of which will require collaborative problem-solving.

Equally important to our visioning process was the act of engagement. By taking the time to meet with and talk to people, we built ownership of the vision. Once people were meaningfully engaged, they became keenly interested in the outcome of visionPDX, both for themselves and for Portland. These partners will be influential in carrying the vision beyond City government and into the community, where meaningful action will occur.






Read our Community Engagement Report for insights and lessons learned from our engagement phase of visionPDX, including:

Principles for successful engagement of hard-to reach communities;

Stories from community members and organizations about their involvement in visionPDX; and

The lasting impact of community visioning and partnerships formed through the visionPDX process.



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