What follows is a written representation of what over 17,000 people said through visionPDX that they want for Portland’s future. The following sections describe:

Shared values: Community principles largely agreed upon by the people with whom we talked.

Portland’s vision for 2030: A summary of where we want to go as a community, written as if we were in the year 2030.

Five elements of Portland: These sections describe in more detail how the values and vision look in different aspects of our city. These are the community’s ideas placed into the main areas of our city, written as if we were in the year 2030.

Expect change: Primary trends that will impact our community in the future.

Community challenges: Areas that need more conversation and problem-solving to determine how to proceed. These arose out of disagreements in what we heard, as well as likely challenges as the trends described in the “expect change” section come up against our values and preferred future.

The rest of the document describes how we carried out our process to reach this point, and how visionPDX is already forming the foundation for other planning processes underway in the City of Portland.

The vision, values and elements can be viewed independently to depict what we want Portland to look like in 2030. In addition, the challenges, the trends our community faces – and the people we talked to in order to develop this vision – are all valuable parts of what lies behind this vision and how it can be used. We hope that this document is a resource for all who want to learn about what the community thinks and how to enact the vision.

Visit in the coming months for tools to help you incorporate the vision into your daily actions, your community’s activities and your business plans.





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