visionPDX was a city-sponsored, community-led project initiated by Mayor Tom Potter in 2005. When Mayor Potter launched visionPDX, the project was not only charged with creating a vision document. Equally important was the process of engagement, which Potter felt was a necessary component of effective community governance.

Community governance recognizes that ownership of community problems, solutions and opportunities (e.g., homelessness, drug crimes, development, schools etc.) rests with the entire community ó and that effective progress on these issues requires the cooperation of many stakeholders

The purpose of visionPDX was:

  • To invite community members to plan for the future of the city. There had not been a broad look at the current state and direction of Portland for 15 years.

  • To open up government to all Portlanders, particularly to underrepresented groups and communities.

Throughout the project, visionPDX staff and volunteers have worked hard to model and practice community governance, ensuring that the process is truly led and driven by those whom the vision will impact. Responsiveness to community needs has been of utmost importance. This value has shaped our structure, process and timeline.





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