The Portland Plan

Portland has a long and successful tradition of shaping its future through thoughtful planning and deliberative action. Today, Portland is regarded by its residents and visitors as a highly livable and vital city, a place which has built upon its distinct character and personality to attract and manage new energy and growth.

Our core plans no longer give adequate guidance to implementers about how and where to make the next round of significant new investments in infrastructure and programs. There are significant new challenges—and opportunities—facing Portland in the coming decades that our most important plans did not contemplate, such as growth in population and employment, global climate change, the changing make up of Portland’s people, present and growing social and economic inequalities and decreasing public sector resources and faith in government.

Grounded in the values and findings of visonPDX, the Portland Plan will serve to guide the growth and development of Portland over the next 30 years. It will serve as Portland’s updated Comprehensive Plan and include updates to the city’s Central City Plan, City-wide Economic Development Strategy, and Sustainability/Global Warming policies. It will make use of the broad outreach and engagement generation in the visionPDX process and will continue to involve the public around policy choices and strategies.

The Portland tradition has been to wrestle with the most important issues of the day and create a future by intentional thought and action, drawing on many stakeholders in to plan collectively and forming needed partnerships to take these plans into action. The Portland Plan will do just that for our generation, drawing together the community, business and agency partners, elected leaders and bureaus in short and long term actions. Together, we will address the most pressing issues facing our community today, articulate the fundamental aspirations of our residents about the future and set out actions to be taken to realize our dreams and meet our challenges.




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