Shortly after Mayor Tom Potter took office, he began several major initiatives to re-evaluate the way government operates and to make it more responsive to needs of the public. More than that, Mayor Potter believed that the public should shape its own future. The visioning process was a way to explore community governance – real community ownership over the decisions that affect the community.

visionPDX was established to give the community a “place at the table” to consider the direction for our future. At the time the project was conceived, the City of Portland was facing budget cuts, while demands for City services were growing. The vision was a way to use the community’s creativity in addressing some of our biggest challenges, while also celebrating what we love about our home.

By starting this conversation, Mayor Potter planned to re-orient local decision-making to be more in tune with what Portlanders really need and want, as well as to empower them to take a role in overcoming the challenges that we face. Mayor Potter wanted to strengthen existing and create new community networks that can be self-sustaining, reducing the burden on local government to solve issues by itself. We suspected, and it was confirmed, that the community knows best what Portlanders need and want and what must be done to get there.






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