We value a strong sense of connection in our communities. Building trust and relationships leads to a better quality of life. We value our local and small-scale political, social, economic and cultural environments. Our varied neighborhoods make Portland a special place.

We value that Portland is different from the rest of the country and we seek to preserve and protect the qualities that make us unique.

We value public spaces where neighbors can interact, including parks, community centers, farmers markets, community gardens, neighborhood schools and more. We value the vibrancy created by interacting with other people.

We value civic awareness and involvement, volunteerism, and local decision-making. We support a community-based decision-making structure.

We love that Portland offers many big-city amenities, but has kept its small-town feel. We like the friendliness, approachability and “easy going” attitude of Portlanders.

We value the right of every person to have access to opportunities for meeting basic needs and improving health and well-being. We believe that all residents should be able to use our systems to access jobs, services, housing, education, transportation options and passive and active recreation without physical, social or economic barriers.

We believe in innovative approaches to creating economic opportunity beyond addressing basic needs.

We value the ability of all Portlanders, regardless of background, to find living wage employment.

We value sufficient employment opportunities to keep talented people in Portland and to provide meaningful work.

We believe that the benefits and burdens of growth and change should be shared fairly among our communities, and all residents and groups should be fully involved as equal partners in public decision-making.

We value taking responsibility for actions that will affect our long-term future. Sustainability means meeting the environmental, social, cultural and economic needs of the present while ensuring the similar needs of future generations. Sustainability indicates care and respect for the ecosystem as well as for the people within it.

Environmental Sustainability: We value our natural environment, and recognize that the actions of individuals, communities, government and businesses can impact our environment, both locally and globally. We value innovation to creatively address environmental challenges, and we prioritize the natural environment in policies and decisions.

Social Sustainability: We value social and cultural interaction among diverse members of our community, and put a priority on social capital and learning from one another. Social sustainability means that we consider how the choices we make affect other people in our community now and in the future.

Cultural Sustainability: We realize that our region has been populated for thousands of years, and we recognize and appreciate these original inhabitants and their work to protect this place for future generations. We also work to preserve the recent history of our people and this place to help tell the full story of our community.

Economic Sustainability: We believe that working towards sustainability does not have to harm the economy but gives us a competitive advantage. We value systems that enable businesses to support themselves and their employees while embodying the community’s values. We support our local businesses to ensure that our community’s distinctiveness will continue to flourish.

These were also strongly expressed values.

Accountability and Leadership
We value transparent and fair processes. We value decision-makers with integrity who are connected to the community and consider the common good when making choices. We value leaders who inspire others to act towards a common goal.

Inclusion and Diversity
We value fostering respect for and promoting interaction among all individuals in our community, regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, belief system, political ideology, ability, socioeconomic status, educational status, veteran status, place of origin, language spoken, age or geography. By doing this, we will have richer relationships and make better decisions for our future.

Innovation and Creativity
We value imagination and original thinking to introduce and test new ideas, products and services that benefit the community. We believe that many solutions can be found to seemingly intractable problems through collective and creative problem-solving.

We value communities that are safe, crime-free and work in partnership with public safety efforts. We value a caring community that seeks to support those in need of help or assistance. We prepare for emergencies and support development and maintenance of infrastructure – sidewalks, roads, bike paths, sewer and water lines, power lines, urban tree canopy, etc. – that will support safe and healthy communities.





Portlanders Discuss Community:

“I love the smaller town feel with many big city attributes. Great restaurants, theatre and shopping but still has the feeling that you’ll run into your neighbor or someone from the community wherever you are around town.”

“It’s a human-scale city: its institutions, architecture, transportation and other amenities are very approachable and not intimidating.”

“I value walkable neighborhoods with schools, parks, mass transit, grocery stores and small independent businesses in the neighborhood. Keeping urban neighborhoods safe and convenient is extremely important to the vitality of Portland.”

“I like Portland’s individuality. It’s not homogenous like so many other cities. Keep Portland weird!”

“[I value] the wonderful spirit that pervades this community. It is the only large city I know of where traffic still stops to let you cross the street, even when you are not at a crosswalk. At the core of our success is how much we value people and relationships.”

“[My vision for Portland:] We are all walking safely on the streets, with a deep background feeling of family – that we are all in this together and that we belong.”

Portlanders Discuss Equity & Accessibility:

“The test for every decision made by our city leadership is, ‘Is this action in the best interest of the citizens who must live with its results [and] consequences?’”

“[My vision:] Portland has led the state and the nation in assuring equal civil rights for all ... including gay people.”

“[In the future,] health insurance and health care are available to all – and that includes alcohol, drug and mental health treatment.”

“[My vision:] Our neighborhoods are integrated. There is no such thing as the rich part of town or the poor part of town. People of color and immigrants are no longer compelled to live in a select few neighborhoods.”

“[I hope] it is a city where every child in every public school has an opportunity for a first rate education; an education that is not only focused on excellence in English, math and science, but which emphasizes civic involvement, an understanding of how government works, ... and which offers opportunities to every child for a rich education in the arts.”

Portlanders Discuss Sustainability:

“Until I moved to Portland, I did not even begin to understand the importance of sustainability. It is this I value most, because we are a city filled with people who really do care about the environment and our long-term effects on the world as a whole.”

“It is important for me to live in a community that promotes recycling and sustainability. It gives me hope for the future. Our environment is paramount to me.”

“The city has truly become an example of a sustainable way of life, proving it is feasible, and at the same time keeping ties to the global economy and being economically strong.”

“[In the future,] we are a city almost entirely fueled by renewable energy. Reducing waste, reusing, and recycling is a way of life for almost everyone. We set an example for the rest of the country. We inspire the nation to live as we live and, as a result, make our nation and our world more responsible.”

“I imagine Portland to continue and enhance its commitment to green spaces and parks, as well as naming many of these places after the Tribal communities that originally lived here.”




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